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Marcus may be a fresh face on the literary scene, but he has long been hailed for his insightful, timely, and often poignantly humorous body of poetry, prose, and commentary. "Songs In Search Of A Voice," his debut collection of original poetry, has been received with wide acclaim and continues to touch the hearts and minds of readers all over the globe. Stay tuned for more from this young literary star on the rise!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Gone Fishin'

Actually, gone on tour ...

MJ's Spot's gonna chill for awhile while I hit the road to promote Songs In Search Of A Voice. Drop me a line in my "Comments" section to let me know you dropped by, though, and check back later next month after I've had a chance to catch my breath. In the meantime, check me out at www.MarcusHarris.net for all the latest info on my comings and goings.

Be well,